Sunday, January 19, 2014

Texas weather!

A friend once told me that Texas has two seasons of weather:  HOT and UNPREDICTABLE!  And Winter 2014 has proven it!  We had a cold snap that took our temps down to the lower teens! YIKES (that's cold here, although in comparison to temps I've seen around the country, that appears to be "nothing!") and then last week it was in the high 60's every afternoon (which of course, I much prefer!)

Clooney & Me Designs just released her latest kit called


and if it's related, it's in there!  She has some really cute elements ... like a duck in rain gear.

and I really enjoyed using her weather vane border, which I reduced in size (from 12" to 6" wide) and then doubled up to make a smaller border)

Both images are displayed as web-ready *.jpgs.  You will find them as full size *.png files in the kit!

I used STORMY WEATHER to scrap a rainbow photo from Estes Park, Colorado taken in September 2002! (It's amazing what I find in my archive ... and I remembered taking the photo and went looking for it to go with this kit!)  An internet search for quotes about rain, gave me this one from Dolly Parton: "If you want to see the RAINBOW, you gotta put up with the RAIN!"

Be sure to stop over at Clooney & Me Designs' stores at Heartfelt Perfections and Digi Style Designs and check out STORMY WEATHER, and all her other great kits too!

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