Saturday, August 31, 2013

MIdnight Madness at True North Scraps

This is the last one! If you've missed the sale before or if you have been putting off buying something from True North Scraps store at Scraps N Pieces, tonight's the night. Starting at midnight tonight going until midnight tomorrow, every product in the TNS store is 60% off!

This is a great time to stock up on True North Scraps products, so don't miss this 24 hour sale!

Sale ends at midnight tonight 8/31/2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

I can't believe the summer has gone so quickly!  Now the kids are back in school or heading back shortly.  Next thing I know there will be leaves all over the ground.

But back to school time is an exciting time for parents and children alike.  We all take those photos of our kids before they leave for their first day.  Then we have to scrap those photos of course!  True North Scraps has the perfect kit for that called

Welcome Back

How cute is this?  There are 48 elements and 24 papers as well as a full alpha that includes many punctuation symbols.  The children come with school uniforms in case you need them.  There is more to Welcome Back than just this kit.

Available separately is a pack of more clothes for the children!  You can personalize your children elements and make your LOs unique.

Isn't this fun?!!

Also available is a pack of solid card stocks

And finally, there is a pack of 4 quick pages in case you are finding this time of year hectic but still need those photos scrapped.

These are all very reasonably priced, and on top of that they are 30% off until Sept 6th.  And for even more savings, pick up the bundle of all 4 packs, also on sale for 30% off until Sept 6th.

The North Stars have made some fantastic LOs using this kit!
And now.... the blog hop!  The North Stars have made some wonderful brag book pages for you to collect!  Here is mine:

Now you can hop to collect the rest!

Thursday, August 29, 2013


It's Thursday ... and here I am again

This week I participated in a TURTLE SCRAP  at Scraps-n-Pieces for True North Scraps celebration as FEATURED DESIGNER... I used one of True North Scraps kit on my favorites list:  

I am really fond of the Autumn color palette, even though we rarely get much color change in the Texas landscape!  But I have found that this color palette works really well with my butterfly archive! (and you know that I have that!)  Here is the layout that I did for the TURTLE SCRAP on 8/26/2013.  This layout features True North Scraps AUTUMN'S RAINBOWS along with a template from Southern Serenity Designs by Amber Morrison BAD REPUTATION  

The wordart cluster on the bottom right side was a freebie that I created when True North Scraps originally released this kit  (my computer says I completed it on 10/4/2012)  Several people commented about the freebie in the gallery, so I decided to make it available again for a short time.  

You can download the freebie from DropBox 

(Link should automatically start the download!)

Freebie will expire on 9/10/2013

Please leave a comment here on the blog if you download my freebie!  Also, please read and abide by my TOU (PS SCRAPS) as well as True North Scraps TOU.  Both are included in the download.  Thanks

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's only Wednesday, but ...

I have a FREEBIE for you - Patty B Scrap and ADB Designs have a fabulous new collab called IT'S FAIR SEASON, just in time for all those Fairs and Festivals that pop up all around the country in the Fall (Central Texas State Fair is this coming weekend and Texas State Fair is in October) 

I love the color palette and the rustic - not - quite - vintage look of this kit!  I made a layout using the kit to feature a panoramic photo I have of Pleasure Pier on Seawall Blvd in Galveston. Galveston Island has come full circle with this pier.  Originally built in 1905 - '06, with entertainment venues on it,  the pier was sporadically open until the Depression hit Galveston just as hard as other places.  Then World War II came, and Pleasure Pier opened as a recreation pier for soldiers and sailors with shore leave!  The amusement park and dance hall continued in operation on the pier until 1961 ... when Hurricane Carla took it out with her wind and rain!  No more Pleasure Pier in Galveston.  

But, by 1965 in the true spirit of rising above adversity, the pier was back, and opened with a 6 story FLAGSHIP HOTEL, complete with restaurant and night club, that played host to various famous personalities (including Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack cronies) and lots of activities (both legal and not-so-legal).  The Hotel  operated in Galveston for over 40 years until September 13, 2008 when Hurricane Ike crashed into Galveston Island and gave the hotel and pier a devastating blow!  By 2009, Landry's Inc informed the city that they had plans to return the Pleasure Pier to the Galveston landscape.  Landry's vision for the renovation recaptured the site's original purpose, as a pre-eminent destination venue for FAMILY FUN!   The new Pleasure Pier opened on May 12, 2012 just in time to entertain the throng of summer tourists on the Texas Gulf Coast!  What a fun place to visit!

Here is my layout of Pleasure Pier using PattyB Scraps and ADB Designs IT'S FAIR SEASON 

And now, following my "history lesson" about Pleasure Pier, we're finally to my freebie:

Both TOU's (mine PS Scraps and PattyB Scraps) are included in the download.  Please be sure to abide by our TOU requests.  

Download HERE 

Be sure to check in at PattyB Scraps blog to participate in the final days of her week as FEATURED DESIGNER  at Digi Style Designs

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Treasure Hunt, FREEBIES!! Join in the fun!

Hello, and welcome!
PattyB Scraps is featured designer at Digi Style Designs
from August 25th to the 31st.
She's got some fun planned for this week, and we hope that you will join in!

To visit my shop at Digi Style Designs click

PattyB Scraps newest release

You can find it  -HERE-

And now on to the fun!

A FREE kit in my store!
You will find it  -HERE-

It's a treasure hunt!
Win a FREE page kit of your choice!!!
(bundles/collections excluded)

Find each of the "Treasures" in the preview image, in my store at Digi Style Designs, and keep track of the urls (the web page address, shown in the top bar of your browser) for each kit that the element is from.
Then, send me an email with your list, 1 through 15,  of kit url's that match the elements shown.

Send your email to:

with Treasure Hunt in the subject line.

Also, indicate in your email, which page kit you would like, should you be the winner!!!

Treasure hunt runs through August 31st, 2013.
Good luck!

And now, for today's FREEBIE!!

Just visit pbbybslittlespot 

It's a lovely cluster created with It's Fair Season by Over the Fence Designs, a collaboration of ADB Designs and PattyB Scraps. 

You can find It's Fair Season in my store at Digi Style Designs  -HERE-  Each product in the Fair Season Collection may be purchased separately, however, for the best value purchase the complete It’s Fair Season:  Mega Collection. 

Thank you so much for stopping by!!  We hope that you enjoy your gifts, and that you'll be back. Every day this week there will be more freebies!  Send in your email with the links to the treasure, and don't forget to tell Patty which kit you would like to win!

Happy scrapping!

Saturday, August 24, 2013


t's Midnight Madness at True North Scraps' store at Scraps N Pieces!  There is still time to get in on this great deal!

This is a great time to stock up on True North Scraps products, so don't miss this 24 hour sale!  

Friday, August 23, 2013

True North Scraps is the FEATURED DESIGNER at Scraps-N-Pieces for August 16 - 31.  We have lots of fun and games going on.

I am hosting today's TURTLE SCRAP #3 which happens to overlap tonight's MIDNIGHT MADNESS SALE!  Go check out the FABULOUS sale at True North Scraps starting at 12:00 a.m 8/23 and ends at 11:59 p.m. on 8/23 ...  You can join in the fun at the TURTLE SCRAP here 

 Also True North Scraps has a fabulous GRAB BAG (It's huge!) called BOHEMIANITY!

I was inspired and created a wordart freebie using BOHEMIANITY GRAB BAG 

You can grab my freebie here   Enjoy your day!  ~poki

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I will be hosting the TURTLE SCRAP #3 over at Scraps-N-Pieces on Friday, August 20.  My directions include the use of a large label, so I made a freebie that can be used to complete the TS#3 layout.  

You can pick up the freebie HERE

Directions for the layout will be post in this forum thread later today, and you will have until Saturday morning at 6:00 a.m. CST  in order to complete your layout, post it in the gallery and back in the forum thread!  True North Scraps is giving away pieces of her kit SUNDAY AFTERNOON to all participants in the TURTLE SCRAPS!  Other TURTLE SCRAPS will happen on August 26, 28 and 30.  

Other TURTLE SCRAPS will happen on August 26, 28 and 30.  Hope to see your layout in the True North Scraps gallery at Scraps-N-Pieces.   ~poki

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Here's a great kit for the final days of Summer and transitioning into early Autumn.  Sunflower fields are abundant here and I love driving past them and seeing all those cheery yellow flowers looking at the sun.

This is a nice sized kit - 41 elements, 16 papers and an alpha of Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers and some Punctuation.

This kist is available at Heritage Scrap and Scraps N Pieces

The North Stars made some fantastic LOs using Sunflowers and Straw, AND they have some great freebies for you on their blogs!

Now that you've seen some beautiful LOs, go grab some beautiful freebies!

I also have a word art freebie for SUNFLOWERS AND STRAW

You can pick up my freebie HERE 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Looking for the FRIDAY FREEBIE - it's down two posts!  Hope you enjoy it!
t's Midnight Madness at True North Scraps' store at Scraps N Pieces!

It only lasts until midnight tonight so don't miss out!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Freebie! Flower cluster with True North Scraps ANTIQUITIES AND CURIOSITIES

I'm back again with another flower cluster I made using True North Scraps

I made a layout with the kit featuring True North Scraps  kit and a template from Southern Serenity Designs by Amber Morrison SUMMER TO REMEMBER template 2.

After I had done the layout, I liked the flower cluster so well, that I re-worked it to give it internal shadows but no shadows on the outside edges ... here's my preview of the flower cluster.

You can pick up the Freebie here

Link will expire on 8/31/2013 - hope you enjoy it!

You can find True North Scraps at 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Featured Designer at S-N-P: True North Scraps! Loads of fun!

I'm so excited to announce that True North Scraps is the Featured Designer at Scraps N Pieces from August 16 - 31!

This is going to be so much fun!

Turtle Scraps:  Every couple of days, early in the morning, a set of 7 instructions will be posted.  You will have until 6 am CST the following day to post your LO in the True North Scraps gallery at Scraps N Pieces.  The reason we're holding Turtle Scraps is so that my friends from  Europe, Asia and Down Under can play along too.  Chats may be held any time during the day though, so watch for the schedule that will be posted at Scraps N Pieces and on my Facebook Page.  Chats are optional events, but you never know when the RAK Fairy might show up...  Every Turtle Scrap you complete within the time limit will earn you a piece of my kit called Sunday Afternoon!  

If you can't collect the whole thing, "Sunday Afternoon" will go in all of the TNS stores on September 1st.

Bingos:  We'll be holding a few bingo games during the 2 weeks Dawna is featured designer.  You will be given a list of words to choose and you make your own bingo card.  Bingo cards must be completed and submitted one full day prior to the scheduled bingo game.  Bingo will be played during a chat.  The RAK Fairy may be attending those games!

Treasure Hunt:  On August 16th, look for an image with some easily identifiable pieces of various kits in True North Scrap's store.  PM your answers to Dawna before the end of the month and if you are correct, you will earn a 25% coupon to her store!

Group Hug:  Another super-easy way to earn valuable savings!  For every 5 comments you post in the True North Scraps gallery, you will earn 5% off a purchase in TNS SNP store.  You can collect up to a maximum 50% off!

If you participate in the Treasure Hunt and Group Hug, you can potentially earn a coupon worth 75% off one purchase of TNS products at Scraps N Pieces!  Coupons will accumulate throughout the featured designer time and one coupon for the full prize amount that you earned will be awarded by September 5, 2013.

Midnight Madness:  Every Friday night at midnight in August (Aug 16, 23, and 30th), Dawna will put her Scraps N Pieces store on sale for 24 hours for 60% off all regular priced products.

Now that I've explained all that, are you excited for August 16th to come?!!  I sure am!

Friday, August 9, 2013

FRIDAY Freebie! Flower Cluster using Patty B Scraps BOUNTIFUL HARVEST

I joined Patty B Scraps Creative Team about 6 weeks ago ... and it has been an ever so creative 6 weeks for me .  I am busy all the time creating layouts for Patty and the other designers whose teams I work on!  It's almost like a full time job, creating and promoting these talented designers!  But, I'm definitely not complaining ... I love my "job!"

I love the autumn color palette, so when I saw Patty's kit called BOUNTIFUL HARVEST I knew that I would be requesting to work with that one

Patty always has such beautiful flowers and foliage in her kits.  Her element packs are always very "bountiful!"  Here is the layout that I created using this beautiful kit

I really liked all the flower clusters that I made, but decided to configure the one on the top right hand side as your FREEBIE for today!  I would look lovely on any autumn themed layout. I re-worked it so that the cluster has internal shadows, but no shadow on the outside of the cluster (that way you can shadow it yourself when you use it.  FYI:  My favorite layer style setting , and the one I used here, is LIGHTING ANGLE 120; DROP SHADOW size 20 distance 25, Opacity 50% color gray 555353.  If you used that setting in PhotoShop Elements to create exterior layering it should match what I have done on the interior of the cluster!  

My BOUNTIFUL HARVEST flower cluster
(this is a web ready jpg)

My preview:

And now, you can find your freebie at MediaFire  HERE

I've tested the Download twice, once while signed into MF, and once while not signed it - it worked both times perfectly!  If you have any difficulty with the download please leave a comment with your name and I will attempt to correct any problem you might have!

You can find Patty B Scraps at the following stores:

*store on sale - closing 8/31/2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

August days are usually so hot and muggy and the kids are at that stage where they are bored being out of school.  So what do you do with them?  Take them to the water park!

This kit is so refreshing just looking at the fountain and the ice pops and all the water droplets spraying around and it's in such classic summer colors.   It started out as a Bits N Pieces kit for Scraps N Pieces, but I've bundled it up now and it's only $5.00.  You get 32 elements, 12 papers and an adorable teeny alpha jam-packed with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and many punctuation marks!

One lucky person who reads Dawna's blog will win this kit!  Just leave a comment about what your favourite "keep cool" summer activity is.  She'll randomly choose a winner from the comments on Friday at 7:30 a.m. CST.  Make sure she  has a way of contacting you if you are the winner - she can't track down "Anonymous".  Good luck!