Saturday, November 24, 2012

More catch up - La Belle Vie Designs

Hannah of La Belle Vie Designs has had a busy month at her new store at Scrapable - it opened on November 5 ... I previously posted layouts with


on Grand Opening Day.  Since that day Hannah and I have both been busy ... she has added these kits to her store:

These butterfly photos were taken in the Rainforest Pyramid at Moody Gardens in Galvestion on 9/22/2012 (Mike's birthday!)  There were a lot more butterflies than there were last year, but most of them were native species, not tropicals like in previous year!  Template is La Belle Vie Designs ROUND & ROUND
Mike and I took a trip in November 2010 down to Lost Maples State Natural Area, which contains the only stand of native Sugar Maples in Texas.  Although our trip was very late in the season, there was still some fabulous color left in the trees!  Template is La Belle Vie Designs THESE WORDS ARE MY OWN 
I may be the "only person alive" who has absolutely no experience with the Twilight series.  But the colors from this kit were perfect for photos from Julie & Joe's wedding in 2002.  Red, navy and silver were her chosen colors!   This "first kiss" was staged during the photo shoot, but I love the image!   The template is Hannah's but one that is UN-RELEASED so far at Scrapable ... maybe soon!
The template had spots to feature two photos, but I only wanted one ... so I filled the other spot with paper ... it made a great mat for that lovely flower from the kit!  Kit featured is Sweet Digi Scraps HAPPY TO HAVE YOU

Here is a different template from 15 STEPS - love those little paper strips beside the photo!  You could make each strip a different paper or color, or do like I did and duplicate the paper repeately and clip the same one to each strip.  In order to preserve the flow of the pattern throughout all of the strips, I duplicated the paper and placed one copy above each strip before I started clipping them on.  This guarenteed the placement of the pattern to match from strip to strip!  The kit featured is from BLT Dezigns who just joined Bella Zingaro Studio ... her kit is called OLD FASHIONED CHRISTMAS.  I love the shabby, vintage look of the kit!
More to come - I just saw a sneak peek of a birthday kit scheduled to release on November 30 ... not long!

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