Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jen C Designs newest work

Jen  of Jen C Designs is never quiet for very long ... after the fabulous kits from Digital Scrapbook Day, you'd expect her to take a break ... but she didn't.  Since the beginning of November she has released:

I was completely surprised when I received a message that this layout had been chosen as layout of the week for Nov 11 - 17!  I love the photo of the Monarch butterfly taken up the street from my house on 10/15/2012!  Along with MEMORIES OF FALL, I also used one of the templates from Jen's October Template Grab Bag.  (She has split it up now, since the next one is out ... but I haven't looked for them yet.  will update with a link when I find them!)
Mike took this photo of my family gathered at niece Julie & Joe's house on Christmas Day 2011.  This layout will be printed and framed for my mom to replace the photo hanging in her den now from Christmas 2009.  Our family has changed since then - enlarged by two, Chase (born October 2011) and Gaby (born June 2010).  The layout also features Jen's YOU'RE THE ONE template.
With a few suggestions from Aunt poki, I was able to capture the image I wanted of Blake by the Christmas Tree 12/25/2011 ... it took a little time, but I got the image that I wante!  MAGIC!  This layout also featured SMELLS LIKE CHRISTMAS

and has re-released two of my favorites from 2011
Blake was all excited to leave cookies and milk for Santa at Christmas 2011 ... not sure Chase cared much (at 2 months).  Gaby (at 1 1/2) had to be coaxed into the picture (she made it for the next photo!)

I took this photo of my living room at Christmas 2010 after all the presents were finally wrapped!  After the photo, I bagged them up to be delivered at all the different places they had to go ... so the "magical" look disappeared way too quickly!  Can't wait to start decorating again!
There's more to come!

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