Monday, February 25, 2013

It's publication day at The Hybrid Chick

So far, I'm two for two on my goal of  "13 in 13" ... I challenged myself to make 13 lists with 13 items in honor of 2013!  13 is my FAVORITE number, and this will be the only time I see a year with 13 at the end ... so I'm determined to make it special!  In January I did a double page layout with 13 favorite places in Bell County Texas where I live ... took me a while to do all the photos, and building a double layout, especially one with lots of text can take a while, but I was happy with the results.  Here is that layout using Roseytoes Designs HOPES AND DREAMS  and 28 DAYS LATER template. 

Shortly after completing this layout, my thoughts "raced over" to the next project for The Hybrid Chick ... and I "found" an accordion album that I had done last year as a class project, and surprisingly the accordion folder had 13 spots for layout art!  That's cool, I could make that book, but then I started searching for the PERFECT kit.  It didn't take long looking in the shop at The Digi Chick to find Kimeric Kreations BON VOYAGE and know that I had found the PERFECT KIT! I loved the color palette, the mix of elements and the POSTCARD just almost jumped off the computer screen and yelled at me "Use me, use me!" 
I had toyed with an album in my head for years called "Postcards from poki!"  Back in my early adult days of traveling, I didn't have a good camera so I bought postcards everywhere to bring home as souvenirs and memory-keepers!  I have piles of postcards tucked everywhere around my house, and even now with a great camera, I sometimes cannot resist buying those beautiful images!  The hook was set ... I would combine my hybrid project for The Hybrid Chick with my personal "13 in 13" project.  Of course, that meant picking 13 vacation destinations (that was easy, I love traveling, and I had to sort out my list to keep to only 13!) and then I realized that it meant 13 layouts!  (which turned into 16 by the time I was done!) so I started early - the first layout was completed on Jan 30, and the last layout was completed on Feb 13 - how appropriate!
Today my album publishes at The Hybrid Chick and I will be back tomorrow to show you all the layouts that I did.  Today, though, I want to share a FREEBIE with you.  I was so impressed with one little trick that I did on the lettering that I asked Kim at Kimeric Kreations to allow me to create a wordart freebie to give away here on my blog!  Here's the preview of the FREEBIE
and a *.jpg web ready image.  The download is a transparent background *.png file at 300 dpi.
You can download this FREEBIE
I hope you enjoy using it to record your own "grand adventure!"
Here is the tablescape photo that I took of my project, as it appears on The Hybrid Chick today!
Please come back tomorrow to see all the pages that I created for this little accordion album.

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