Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"13 Postcards from poki"

I'm back to show you all the layouts that I created to go into my "13 Postcards from poki" hybrid accordion album.  You can go to The Hybrid Chick and get a list of products used and some simple directions for making your own version of this album. 

The album has an accordion fold-out strip that has 7 panels that are 4"x4".  Images can be put on 13 panels, leaving one panel to attach it to the base, which fits inside a CD jewel case.  You have to use the regular size, not the slim ones, and you might have to do some looking in order to find them.  I buy them in bulk at Amazon.  When I created the panels for the front and back covers of the CD case I took into account that my art piece would need to be trimmed since the CD covers are NOT SQUARE.  I created the artwork square, but left room for the necessary trimming.
Here's my cover art:
and here it is trimmed and slipped into the CD case
The Digi Chick had a TECHNIQUE challenge for February to do cut outs in an object, and that's where the idea for the inside cover image came from.  (I linked the challenge because there is still time to play in February!)  I cut 13 little hearts out of a bigger heart, to represent the 13 destinations where I left pieces of my heart!
When you open my album, I put my Yellowstone page on top, since that was our most recent vacation destination. 
Yellowstone National Park (2012)
The other pages in the album were arranged primarily based on the color and style of the page. Here they are in alphabetical order.
Adirondack Mountains, Upstate New York
 (May 2007)
I really love those photos I took of Mike on the day way drove out of the Mountains by way of the Moose River Rd!  The house in the top photo is one of the cabins that Mike's family owned back when he still lived in New York!  He spent lots of days working around the property, and still tells stories all the time of his "glory days" there.  I'm glad he shared the place with me.
Denver (June 2012)
I love the Denver Botanic Garden
Jersey Shore (May 2008)
Our time in New Jersey is significant because it was my 48th state to visit!  And, I really loved the lighthouses that we saw while we were on the Jersey shore! (Atlantic City, Cape May, and Hereford Inlet)
Key West (March 2002)
Maine Coast (May 2007)
Although this is not the most often photographed lighthouse is Maine, I prefer this photo of Cape Neddick Light  to my photo of Portland Head, which is not a closeup)
North West Arkansas (Oct 2010)
I have relatives there, and we're heading back there soon to visit again.  Sandy and I are planning "children's day out" at Eureka Springs, leaving Mom with Edith and Chuck - can't wait!
OBX - Outer Banks of North Carolina
(May 2008, and 2009)
We both fell in love the these barrier islands in 2008 and returned in 2009 to spend our full two week vacation on these islands!  The beaches are fabulous there, but don't tell anyone ok?
Ocracoke Island (May 2009)
We spent a week of our 2009 vacation on this tiny barrier island at the southeastern end of the Outer Banks!  It was fabulous!
Rochester, New York (2011)
I've been there several times with Mike (2000, 2001, 2007, and 2011) We really enjoyed our two week stay with Pat and Dick in 2011, even though I was in a cast with a broken wrist.  It didn't slow me down all that much!
Santa Fe ( 2010)
We spent a couple of days in Santa Fe on the way home from Denver in 2010 ... I've been there many times and dearly love it! 
Virginia (2008, 2009)
We visited beautiful botanical gardens in Richmond (2008) and Norfolk (2009) on our final days of those trips!  Both were very close to the airports for heading home!
Washington DC (2008)
Our trip was short, but we were able to see lots of the things we wanted to see by taking trolley trips with the rental car left behind in the parking garage at Union Station.  We did the "Monuments by Moonlight" tour in the evening - fabulous!!! - and also the day trek to get us to the US Botanic Gardens across the street from the Capitol, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (to see the Wright Brother's original plane) and to the National Zoo (to meet the pandas).  We also got to ride around in DC all day to get to those 3 things!
I needed something for the back cover so I used one of my very favorite photos of home - a winter sunset (Jan 2005) of the cove on Lake Belton where I live! 
 Who needs a VACATION when this is HOME?
(Actually, I do!)
Digital Credits for the complete album
Kimeric Kreations BON VOYAGE
Templates - all from Digital Designs by Amber Morrison
Additional elements - from Sweet Digi Scraps

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