Friday, April 4, 2014


     I have been incredibly busy during the last six weeks, preparing a history book for my church, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Killeen, Texas.  We will be celebrating our 125th Anniversary of Service in Killeen on Sunday, April 6 - in a brand new facility, our 4th building!

    As a great granddaughter of the founding pastor, Heinrich F. Daude, I was proud to accept the offer to create the document sharing our accumulated history, as well as archiving  many years of photographs!  Here is the layout that I created honoring my Great Grandfather, Rev. Heinrich F. Daude

Our church began in the Daude homestead in 1887, was officially recognized by the Iowa Synod of the Lutheran Church in America in 1889, and we built our first sanctuary in 1892.  Two amazing photos have surfaced from the time our church was beginning.  

My best guess (based on the fact that the church built the first sanctuary in 1892) was that this photo was taken about 1890, and is in the collection of my cousin Arlys. (from her mom who was a granddaughter of H. F. Daude).  The congregation is standing on the north side of the homestead, before Great Grandpa enlarged the house in the winter of 1907. 

Another amazing photo which surfaced shows the congregation standing in front of the sanctuary built in 1892, with the photo circa 1910.

All of my spare time recently has been devoted to this history project, and there has been no time for making FREEBIES to share!  I hope to have some time this weekend at the Heart of Texas Scrapbook Club's Spring Retreat - our 50th event since April 2000.  Hopefully my freebie schedule (Wednesday - personal freebies on Projects by poki FB page, and Friday - Designer freebies here on my blog) will return!     

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