Monday, April 7, 2014

A belated "FRIDAY FREEBIE" ...using PattyB Scraps LAURIE

       PattyB had asked me early last week to make a cluster freebie with her new kit LAURIE ... and I told her that I would, and then my time got occupied with last minute details in preparation for the Sunday celebration at my church.  We needed more souvenir photos, which I produced,  labeled, laminated and cut.  (50 tables worth with 7 photos on each table!!!)  Since the table number sky-rocketed from 30 tables to 50 tables, we also need photos for centerpieces, so I made 10 canvases (background alike, with 10 different historic photos from our archive)  had them printed, and created stands for them to sit in the center of the tables!  What a week ... 

     I made my first trip to the Retreat Center where I will be "working" this weekend, and got some stuff set up, and then came back home, where I hope I will get a good night's sleep tonight, so I won't be so exhausted this weekend!  I've been attending the events of the Heart of Texas Scrapbook Club since August 2000 ... this is our 50th event, (and my 47th!)  Most of the participants this weekend are good friends, and you know how it is when you get 30 girlfriends in the same room!  What a fabulous weekend it will be!

     Now, with everything packed and ready to go tomorrow, I had a little time to prep my frame cluster with PattyB Scraps LAURIE.  You can find LAURIE at all of PattyB Scraps stores:

I love the soft blues and tans in this kit!  

Here is the layout that I created with Laurie ... my freebie frame cluster is right there in the layout.

And here is the freebie ... finally ...

You can collect the freebie HERE

(DL link will expire on 5/5/2014)


  1. Awesome cluster poki, thank you very much hun!!

  2. Thank you, beautiful cluster frame!

  3. Thank you so much for this beautiful cluster created with a lovely kit.