Saturday, December 1, 2018

On the first day of Christmas ...

Back in 2014 (or should I say WAY BACK in 2014) I found a set of CU product designed by GS Creations and I fell in love!

I don't often purchase scrap kits ... only a few CU products, but I had to have this collection!  (I have some papers too, but have not used them ... yet!)

For Christmas 2014, I had created papers which I used to make these adorable characters my own!  I shared those characters on this blog ... you can find them still if you go back to 2014 (links are no longer active)  ...  I shared the characters + a wordart tag!  Loved it!  They were well received ... I even saw some layouts posted in digi-land using and crediting projects by poki as the "designer!"  That was really special!

I participated in a craft show that Fall, and made some hybrid projects which sold very well!  (Candy boxes, and ornaments!)

When I began planning for Christmas 2015, I knew that I could (and should!) REPRISE this sweet collection ... I had continued to play with it all during the year!  (You  know that I spent my professional career as a MUSIC teacher, so I am certainly partial to anything musical!)  In the 2015 version,  I added  the papers that I created to build my characters, and another tag suitable for gift giving (which I used  as a gift tag in 2015!)  

But after two successful promotions on my blog, I didn't forget this collection ... I've tinkered with it a little every year since 2014, but I didn't share it on my blog in 2016 or 2017.  Once again I was inspired by this collection!  SURPRISE!  You will find some extra goodies in each day of the REPRISE of the collection!  The Preview will look like 2015 preview, but I'm gifting you with 3 additional papers in all the colors I made (there are 21 colors in the palette) and also with 5 new elements (in the same color palette!)  I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I do!  My promotion of this project will begin on December 12, 2018 ... stay tuned for this personal project by poki and some Designer gifts beginning on December 8, 2018 ... 

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  1. I am so happy to hear that you are bringing back the "12 Days of Christmas" ... on the New Year of 2016, my laptop crashed just as I was in the midst of backing up all the December gifts that I had just collected! I am looking forward to collecting the reprise!