Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Personal Gift LET IT SNOW 1/23/2018

December was a complete whirl of activities ... I'm sure you will agree.  I succeeded in getting  these felt alpha sheets done, but I didn't take the time to clip them into separate letters.  In Photoshop Elements (which is the program I use) it is easy to clip them, but time consuming (and time was what I didn't have!)

Each section (UPPER CASE, lower case, and Numbers & Punctuation) come on a *.png file (transparent background).  See this sample of UPPER CASE  (It's showing here as a *.jpg)

Clipping process

1.  Open the *.png alpha sheet  

2.  Find the letter you want to use.  I'm picking the S for snow.  Use cropping tool to cut the letter from the sheet.

3. Save your clipped letter with a new name (very important step)

4. Go back to your sheet (which looks only like an "S") and do EDIT>UNDO CROP.  Full sheet will return.

5. If you accidentally forget to UNDO, you can always close the sheet, and say NO to saving changing, and it will return to the original sheet!

Have fun with this felted alpha!                              

Collect the gift HERE

Next time I do an alpha I will make sure I have the time to clip it!

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