Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Oh well ...

My week off from Designer Freebies turned into the whole month I'm sorry to say ... my hay fever lasted about two weeks before I started feeling better!  Had to limit computer time since the light from the screen made me SNEEZE ... a lot!!!

I've been very busy during October finalizing the details for the Annual Craft Show fundraiser for my women's group at church ... It will happen, ready or not, this coming Saturday!  I took some personal time this morning (I woke up early!) and prepped some designer freebies for November!  I hope my followers are still out there!  First Designer freebie coming on November 3!  I hope you will check back!


  1. Glad you took some time off that you evidently Needed! I look forward to your return and your Offerings here - I truly appreciate them! ;-}

  2. Everyone needs a break, glad your feeling better.Your sharing is so appreciated, thank you.