Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I know ... the calendar doesn't say it's Spring ... but here in Central Texas things are green and growing ... and I'm ready for Spring!

This picture is not from 2017 ... but it should look like this shortly!  (Photo taken 3/17/2012!)  And I've seen my first bluebonnets of the year!  (In Round Rock, Tx last Saturday - tall, fat and beautifully BLUE!)

At the beginning of last week, all I had was a color palette ... 

but once I got started on my WELCOME SPRING collection, I just couldn't stop!  I have enough to share this stash building mega with you until May!  All of the March packs are prepped and ready to go starting today 3/1/2017. WELCOME SPRING will appear on my blog on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every week until May!  I hope you will find some useful items in the collection ... or maybe just a little inspiration! 

And so it begins ...

ps Scraps

Patterned Paper 1

Please ignore the fact that the preview says you'll find this on Projects by poki FB page ... I just noticed it, and it's not worth backtracking to fix that error!  All freebies from me during March will be delivered from this blog! (and also posted on Projects by poki FB page but the only download link will be here on the blog)

Love those pansies in the pattern of the paper 
(although pansies are a WINTER flower here in Texas)

Collect your freebie gift HERE 

All March freebie links will remain active until 4/5/2017


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