Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Personal freebie - WILD photo corners 5/4/2016

Being the Native Texan that I am (my father's family arrived in Texas in 1881 as a missionary Lutheran pastor & his young bride)  I love all things TEXAN, especially the wildflowers!

 I created a kit in March 2014 called "I'm WILD about ..."  I have so many more followers now than when I first released my WILD kit, so I thought I would reprise some of my favorites from 2014 during May 2016.  Hopefully a lot of you will enjoy these freebie gifts!

First components are photo corners, using some of my extracted Texas wildflowers.

There are internal shadows and beveling, but no external shadows!  (I was doing it the hard way back then ... I bought an action which does the job for me now, and it's so much easier.  If you're interested you can find the action HERE ... it is pay to use, not a freebie!

My photo of Texas wildflowers is not included in the download, only on the Preview to show how to use these corners!  

Collect the freebie gift HERE

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