Wednesday, July 15, 2015

50 NIFTY collection - 7/15/2015

I'm continuing on my 

50 NIFTY collection

Today I have a set of 10 states (Massachusetts - New Jersey , in alphabetical order)

I applied 3 different actions to each state shape:  old paper, cork, and leather! (My compliments and thanks to the CU designers: Marisa Lerin, KimB, Mommyish Designs, and Sheila Reid.)    So, this package contains 30 state shapes, organized and labeled by state.  I kept the colors neutral, but you should be able to re-color them easily if you want!

Head over to Projects by poki FB page to collect this freebie!  I hope you have fun with it!  I'm planning a Pocket album featuring all the states I've visited - 48 out of 50 (so far!)  

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