Wednesday, March 4, 2015

THE COLORS OF WILD! - personal freebie collection for March 2015

I am fascinated by THE COLORS OF WILD!  Even through the wintry weather - icy streets, a little snow, and lots of freezing rain - for the past week or so, Spring has been diligently painting Texas with THE COLORS OF WILD!  If you've been following my blog and my Projects by poki page  
you know that I am a wildflower/nature photographer ... 

I am anxiously awaiting the full-color arrival of Spring.  We've seen some redbud trees just beginning, and soon they will become this:

Peach and pear trees have started to bloom, and will look like this soon

But the real COLOR that I wait so impatiently for each March is BLUE!  I love to watch Texas turn BLUE with our state flower lupinus texensis

In honor of the re-awakening of the colors of wild in Texas, my collection


Each week during March, I will have a completed photo collage to share , along with all the personal elements that went into making the collage.  Collections include

completed collage (as seen in top left of preview above)
and all of my personal  components that made that collage

Scenic background paper (with my wildflower photo)

frame only
cluster only
extracted flowers - bluebonnet, Indian blanket (gaillardia) and sunflower
generic frame and clipping mask 

You can collect THE COLORS OF WILD WEEK 1

You can expect a collage kit each week on Wednesday!  

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