Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FOUR SEASONS collection - all links will expire 10/5/2014

The links to my FOUR SEASONS Collection (freebies from Projects by poki FB during September) will expire on October 5, 2014 to make room for my newest collection AUTUMN GOLD and my October Designer freebies!  One last chance to collect my freebies!

FOUR SEASONS Page frames

Collect HERE

FOUR SEASONS Overlays (in color and grayscale)

Winter Overlays - Collect HERE

Spring Overlays  - Collect HERE

Summer Overlays   - Collect HERE

Autumn  Overlays  - Collect HERE


Collect HERE

FOUR SEASON Frames (+extras)

Winter Frame + extras

Collect HERE

Spring Frame + extras

Collect HERE

Summer Frame + extras

Collect HERE

Autumn Frame + extras

Collect HERE

I hope you enjoy working with my freebies!  I would love to see any project you do with my freebies.  Leave a comment with a link to any place you have posted a layout with one of my freebies either here on this blog or on my Projects by poki FB page  .  See you again soon!


  1. tysm for all these awesome season freebies...kind generous lady

  2. thank you for the gorgeous freebies. The autumn frame is missing though - it's the overlays twice. would you mind checking on that please. when you have time. thank you so much!

    1. I figured out the correct ending for the link, change the last part to: /FOURSEASONSautumnframe.zip

      Thank you so much for the freebies!

  3. They are fantastic!!! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work!!!!

  4. This was a really great contest and hopefully I can attend the next one. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed myself..
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