Friday, May 16, 2014

Canada takes a holiday - we all benefit!

 It's the long weekend in May in Canada.  A quick history lesson before we get to the sale details…  This is known as the Victoria Day long weekend, intended to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday, May 24th.  She was the queen when Canada became a country rather than a colony of Britain.  Originally the holiday was celebrated on May 24th only, but eventually it was changed to the 3rd weekend of May, which is usually close to the 24th.

Now a little trivia…  in Canada, they use the slang term "two four" when they are talking about a case of beer (24 bottles in a case).  They also don't really give a hoot about Queen Victoria anymore because she died in 1901 and nobody from that time is alive anymore.  This weekend has become more known as the first weekend of summer.  Memo to Old Man Winter -- time to go! 

Since the May long weekend was originally May 24th, and since it is the first weekend of summer, there is a lot of beer consumed.  So some smarty-pants came up with the idea of calling it May Two-Foud.  That has become one of the nicknames of this holiday. 

That leads us to the sale ....  finally!

May Two Four Sale

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