Friday, September 20, 2013

FRIDAY FREEBIE September 20, 2013

A few weeks ago I joined the Pizazz Pixels Creative Team, after working with one of her kits at Heartfelt Perfections!  I was given the opportunity to choose 5 kits from her store to work with ... and because Blake loves MONKEYS so much I chose

as one of my choices!

I've already done a layout using this cute kit  - yes, I know the Gibbon in the photos is NOT a moneky, but rather an ape!

(Mike bought an adapter ring for his longest lens to DOUBLE its zoom to 1000 mm so he could see this face!) Like the layout says, that is a face that "only a MOTHER could love!"  There are two of these Gibbons at the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco ... they have their own island just inside the front gates, and they are real characters, with amazing voices!  It was very hot on the day we were there, and the gibbons weren't very active, but Mike waited them out!  My layout features Pizazz Pixels MY LITTLE MONKEY and Jen C Designs tempalte BLENDABLES 2 available at Gotta Pixel .

When I was still teaching (which seems like ages ago - it's been 10 wonderful years of retirement!) I used to do a classroom experience on a children's book called HATS FOR SALE.  A peddlar was traveling the countryside with lots of hat for sale.  When he encountered a sneaky group of monkeys they stole all of his hats, and the peddlar was forced to trick the monkeys into returning the hats.  And we did it with a little song "Monkey see, monkey do, monkey do the same as you!"  After several actions to grab the monkey's attention, he then removed his HAT which the monkeys mimiced and he picked up all of his hat!  Monkey see, right?  Cute story!  

I thought my word art might be suitable for children playing on the jungle gym, or imitating others!  I really love creating embellished workart! This is a *.jpg copy of my wordart cluster.  You will find a *.png version in the download.


I have included TOU documents from both PS SCRAPS (that's me!) and PIZAZZ PIXELS - please read and respect the PU only TOU for this wordart cluster!    

You can download your freebie directly


Hope you enjoy it!

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