Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween everyone!  Today I have a Halloween project for you to print out and make with a few papers and other supplies!  The digital papers were created with Clooney & Me GHOULIES & GHOSTIES which will be available again tomorrow (November 1) at a brand new store called Bella Zingaro!  I have joined their Creative Team, along with a few of my friends from prior forums and stores!  Be sure to check out the Grand Opening on November 1 at Bella Zingaro Studio  (the name means "beautiful gypsy" ... and I think it is going to be a "good place for me" - just a store, no forum!)

Directions for making digital paper parts:
1.  Open a 12 x 12 canvas with a transparent background
2.  Use the rectangle tool to create two rectangles which measure 6.75 wide x 4.75 tall.  Then create a rectangle which is 2.75 wide x 6.75 tall.  I created one more rectangle, this time with rounded corners to be the gift tag 2.75 wide x 1.5 tall.  You can adjust your measurements on the digital template but these worked best for my project (I've been making and teaching paper crafts locally for about 10 years now, and I always try to design so that I can efficiently use my paper supplies. I wanted this container to use less that two sheets of 8 1/2 x 11" cardstock!  You want to keep that in mind for the print outs you are going to have to make as well.)
Example 1
3.  Clip paper to the shapes - treat them just like tiny layouts.  You may discover that you will need to rotate your canvas while you are working!
3.  After my canvas was completed, I clipped out all the parts and saved as separate *.png files.  I was then able to insert them into word documents for easy printing.  I made two documents.  If I print out #1 twice, and #2 once I have enough digital paper to make two containers! (I always like to use all the space on my paper if possible.)
Print Outs
Now that you have your printouts done, it is time to assemble your paper and other supplies.  Here's my supply list

Cardstock - Bazzill Jubilee 8 1/2 x 11 - 3 sheets - it's make two containers                                                                               
Ribbon - I just happened to have some purple ribbon with "trick or treat" printed on it.  How cool is that?                   
 Velcro tabs                                                                                       
Snack size zipper bag and candy to fill the bag (I put candy corn in mine!) 

Tools I used:  Paper trimmer, Scor-pal, Cropadile, scissors, stapler & staples

1.  Cut purple cardstock to 7 x 11".  Repeat if you are making two containers!

2.  Score at 5" and 6" for the same 7"  end. I did my scoring with a Scor-pal.  You could also use a Martha Stewart Scoreboard, or a paper trimmer with a scoring blade.  If you don't have any of these tools, gather up a sheet of craft foam, a ruler and a pen with no ink left.  Mark 5" and 6" on opposite sides of your cardstock.  Stack cardstock on the craft foam (you need a little spongy give to it) lay ruler on your marks and use the dried up pen to score the paper for folding a 5" and 6".
3. Trim printout 1, and adhere to front and back of purple scored paper.  Make sure the top of each
piece of the print out is by the 7" ends of the paper.  Set aside til later.

4.  Cut purple cardstock 7 x 3.  Trim out the Happy Halloween piece from printout 2, center and adhere to cardstock.  Score 1/2" from the edge without printing. Adhere 1/2" strip to top of previous piece your made. The other side will just fold over the front piece.  Put circle velcro pieces together and adhere to the flap and then to the big piece as a closure.
5.  Staple the zipper bag into the container near the fold on the flap.  Be sure to staple the side that doesn't have the zipper, so that you can put candy into the bag (and take it out too) without having to take the container apart.  Add your candy!
6. Cut out the gift tag from printout 2.  Attach it to cardstock, and trim it .  Punch hole in gift tag and in flap of container and tie on the tag with ribbon!
Present your container to the cutest little goblin you know!  Here's my Preview:
Clooney & Me - Kit Preview
Your FREEBIE download includes: Preview of kit, Clooney & Me TOU,  *.png files for the parts to decorate, ps scraps (that's me) TOU. Please abide by both Jean's and poki's TOU - personal use only!
Download HERE
Hope you enjoy the project!



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