Saturday, May 5, 2012

New from Jen C Designs

Jen C Designs has a new

designed just for May! It's available at Gotta Pixel

This time it includes these template kits: 




and some more TIMELINE TEMPLATES (for Facebook Time Lines)

I worked on a layout with SNAPSHOT #1 last night, and I swear it took me longer to select the photos and the kit, then it did to complete the project (not really, but Jen's templates are easy to use!)
I finally settled on Jen C Designs THANKFUL because it was the best color match for my variegated fritillary butterfly pictures! (taken 4/21/2012 near Spicewood, Tx in a field that must have been BUTTERFLY HEAVEN - they were everywhere!)

THANKFUL is available @ Gotta Pixel

Here's my layout - if you're local to this area, you may recognize the "Simply Beautiful" I used as my title.  (That's the catch phrase for our local public radio station, and it fit my thoughts about this layout SO WELL!)

Jen C Designs sells at these digital stores

(Don't be surprised - their forum is in Portuguese, but the store is in English, and takes American $)

and she is guesting for May at

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